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This web site is designed to help navigate you through the process of selecting, sizing and purchasing decorative concrete. With information about the various styles. The type of decorative concrete you want to buy  is determined by what you want the sealer to accomplish.

Clear decorative concrete and other types

Anytime youíre walking on a developed surface, you can usually bet youíre walking on concrete. Itís very often hidden under tiles, or slate, carpet or anything else. This is a time-tested way to pretty up your concrete surfaces, be it in doors or out. Concrete is such a sturdy building material that it is used in floors and foundations all over the world, but there is an alternative to just covering it up.

There are services available to have your concrete floor colored and textured to resemble almost anything you can put on a floor. Rich and lifelike colors will give new life to your concrete slab, and set it up to fit the decor of the rest of your home, office, or wherever. Want a hardwood floor without having to worry about dry rot or constant water damage? Want tile without having to replace it every so often due to the frailty of the surface? If youíre looking for these textures, or a number of others, Decorative concrete can probably give you what youíre looking for.

Concrete Surface Coatings
You can enliven your homes concrete surfaces using epoxy paints, acid stains, water-based stains, and scoring techniques.

Epoxy Joint Sealer Stops Concrete Floor Vibration and Damage
Shaking concrete foundations are common in many heavy industrial settings, including paper warehouses, steel manufacturing, and other heavy-weight or high-traffic applications.


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